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Can you really get a low-cost performance smartwatch? “An incredible quality of manufacture and a price defying all competition

Can you really get a low-cost performance smartwatch? “An incredible quality of manufacture and a price defying all competition

A young start-up has just launched a new latest generation connected watch that they have named World Watch!

The makers of this revolutionary “smartwatch” have made a real splash at the start of the year, with thousands of customers already convinced. The World Watch is the first latest generation connected watch to cost 3 TIMES cheaper than its direct competitors. The most demanding customers have all been won over by its design, fluidity, ergonomics, and ease of use.

Sales have exploded all over the world…

And we tried to understand for you, how and why this connected watch became so popular in such a short time?!

Everyone knows that the biggest brands are making a huge profit on the backs of their customers. And every year, it gets worse; we are offered connected watches with the same functions as the previous versions but at an ever-higher price … (almost the price of an iPhone).

And we asked ourselves a question: could we get a connected watch as efficient as the Samsung Galaxy or other connected watches that “dominate” the market, without costing us an arm?

We did our research on why all of a sudden started to prefer to choose the World Watch instead of a connected Samsung watch for example.

What is that?

Called World Watch, it has already attracted tens of thousands of users who have already traded their watch (classic or connected) for this technological marvel … And this is not surprising, especially when we realize that it is similar to the most efficient connected watches except for the huge price difference!

The World Watch is sold by a French start-up, which uses the same Chinese factories as its direct competitors – the quality of the products used for its design are therefore as good as those of Samsung, Fitbit or any other. Smartwatch dominating the current market.

This pure concentrate of technology has been designed in the same way as we design the most expensive connected watch models. The responsiveness to touch of the World Watch is truly incredible, this latest generation connected watch works extremely quickly and smoothly! The operating system used by the watch is fully optimized so that you do not encounter any bugs.

What made World Watch popular?

After closely scrutinizing the company that produces the World Watch, we now know that it is because the start-up, has very clearly focused on the most important things:

✅The first Fitness watch with a really powerful heart monitor.

HDHD touch screen offering exceptional lighting and which adapts to the ambient light.

Ultra ultra-precise monitoring of your frequency and heart rate.

Control of sleep, heart and daily activity, all integrated into a fully waterproof connected watch.

World The World Watch tracks your progress closely and makes you sit less and move more.

Integrated personal voice assistant function, possibility to take and make calls, organize appointments, receive notifications (SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail …).

For most Smartwatch enthusiasts these are the most important features. The smartwatch has been designed so that you are always up to date and features such as the heart rate monitor really provide a sense of security.

The World Watch also has built-in telephone support so that the elderly, for example, can easily get help in an emergency simply by using cellular technology. Other advanced features of World Watch include localization by GPS and Wi-Fi positioning, reminders, and alerts for medication, as well as notification of other important tasks and events and of course a weather forecast application!

What are the other features of the World Watch?

The World Watch is full of surprises and basic useful options that you will find in the smartwatches of the biggest brands:

✅Protocol Bluetooth 4.0, it maintains a constant and ultra-stable connection, which is now essential for the use of many applications.

✅Heart sensors designed to let people with heart problems or anxiety knows when to take their foot off during physical activity, for example.

What did our editorial team think about it?

“A quality of fabrics

Incredible value and an unbeatable price. I can choose between many display menus and for my part, it is Mickey that I prefer . “

“What immediately struck me about this watch was the lifespan of the battery. I no longer need to charge it every day like with my old connected watch.”

“The first time I went to the pool with it, my friends called me crazy … Only it was without knowing that the World Watch was TOTALLY Waterproof: D”

How much can the World Watch cost?

Our smartwatch specialist had the opportunity to preview the World Watch, and according to his special specifications for connected watches, he estimated the connected watch from the French start-up between 300 and 400 €, of course, it still had no idea the price

You will understand that he first believed in a site error when he learned that his launch price was going to be only € 79.00!!! (With the special offer of the moment)

This is an extremely low price, given the quality and performance of the World Watch smartwatch. It fulfills in all points, the same specifications of the biggest brands on the current market!

How can it be so affordable?

The start-up that developed this technological gem to bet everything on its product and not on marketing or the opening of stores … everything is done online. Thus, they manage to break all prices and can offer a connected watch as efficient at a very low price.

On the other hand, you have the big, well-known companies that spend billions on advertising. And this obviously has an immediate impact on the products they sell to you.

Conclusion: should you acquire it?

The quality, performance, and elegance of the World Watch make it an exceptional watch that gives you the satisfaction and the feeling of having acquired a smartwatch that is worth between 300 and 500 € at an unbeatable price. Competition. It has a long-lasting battery that will allow you to use this watch for days and days unlike what can be found among its competitors. At this price, we can only advise you to acquire this smartwatch as soon as possible, do not wait … because the offer is limited in time and the stock is very limited!

To summarize: the World Watch has nothing to envy of Samsung, Fitbit or any other brand occupying the market since it is as efficient and elegant as their connected watches at an excessive price.

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