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The  Role of Mobile Technology in Tourism

The Role of Mobile Technology in Tourism

Sustainability Article The Role of Mobile Technology in Tourism: Patents, Articles, News, and Mobile Tour App Reviews Dongwook Kim 1 and Sungbum Kim Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management, Korea Advanced Institute of Science Technology (KAIST), Department Of IT convergence, Kumoh National Institute Of Technology, I October 2017; Accepted: nine November 2017; Published: thirteen November 2017 Abstract: The motive of this studies is to discover the repute and position of mobile generation in accomplishing sustainable and clever tourism, and to suggest future research and approach directions for academia and executives in exercise. This research applied a couple of sources, including patents, educational articles, and information, and decided on methodologies optimized for the purpose of every observation. Study I used Netrniner, a social community analysis program, to research the relationships between patent’s International Patent Classification (IPC) codes. Study 2 used the T-LAB software for content material evaluation to investigate the texts of patents, magazine articles, and news. Study 3 used the Leximancer application, which utilizes relative frequency to investigate cell app client opinions. I have a look at 1, we diagnosed various forms of records associated technologies and cellular technology for smart metropolis structures and maps. In study 2, we found the environment, sustainability, enterprise, and marketplace topics to be associated with cell generation. In observing three; we explored customers’ attitudes and preferences for mobile travel app the usage of their reviews.

Keywords: cellular generation; clever tourism; sustainability; content material analysis 1. Introduction For the beyond three decades, research on tourism has endeavored to describe sustainability in the subject. Through this attempt, researchers were able to formulate the idea of sustainable tourism and feature it to show high-quality outcomes by setting up a theoretical foundation and increasing the base of quantitative research [1—fifty-one. Furthermore, because a mobile generation has become a quintessential commodity in each day’s lifestyles, its relationships with tourism, along with its position, are key topics to be addressed in this area. This clearly ends in the way to conceptualize cellular generation as a motive force of change within a sustainable tourism framework and to establish a related theoretical foundation. In 2015, Gretzel et al. And Li et al. Emphasized the function of cellular generation in tourism and attempted to conceptualize smart tourism, which similarly highlights the importance of the topic [6—9]. To formulate a theoretical basis and directions for empirical research on clever tourism primarily based on cellular technology, it is essential to recognize in advance the dreams of tourism and how sustainability in tourism led to these goals. Hundred and one, and this subject matter turned into primarily based on the statement of the negative impacts of tourism that exceed it are the benefits. These bad affects protected inflation, housing price increase, the brief influx of strangers and the resultant increases in the crime fee, and undesirable influences on neighborhood children Ill. Sustainable development centered on Sustainability.

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