Features and benefits of Windows 10 Pro

Features and benefits of Windows 10 Pro

Many people are paying attention to Windows 10 for its usefulness and security features that can improve work efficiency while maintaining the advantages of Windows. In particular, Windows 10 Pro, unlike the personal home, has high-performance and easy-to-use specifications suitable for business. However, some business owners and IT professionals who are interested in Windows 10 Pro may want to gather a bit more information for their adoption. The advantage of Windows 10 Pro is that there are many tools that are best suited for business, such as Hyper-V function and remote desktop function. This article describes how Windows 10 Pro works and what changes and benefits can be expected from its introduction.

1. Overview of Windows 10 Pro

It’s important to get an overview before considering Windows 10 Pro. Therefore, here is a summary of what Windows 10 Pro is and basic information. Let’s talk about the basics of Windows 10 Pro and the differences from Windows 10 Home.

1-1. What is Windows 10 Pro?

Windows is an operating system developed by Microsoft that can be installed and used on a variety of computers. Therefore, using Windows has the advantage that users can use a personal computer that suits their preferences. “Windows 10 Pro” is one of the editions of Windows 10, which was released to the public in July 2015. Editions refer to different types such as features, specifications, and prices. Windows 10 editions include Home in addition to Pro. Windows 10 Pro features innovative features such as One Drive and AI assistant Cortana, which are convenient for saving videos and images. Of particular interest are the networking and security features, which can be connected via the cloud with Azure Active Directory, which will be a reassuring tool for doing business.

1-2. Difference between Home and Pro

Windows 10 comes in two editions, Pro and Home, but we’ll explain the differences between the two here. The first difference is that Home is for general households. The price is also suitable for personal use. On the other hand, Pro is divided for business use. The fundamental difference is the features that are included, and the prices are different. The functions that are not included in Home are included in Pro, such as Hyper-V function and Bit Locker function, and besides this, there are more than 10 functions such as group policy management and Enterprise Mode IE compared to Home. Group policy management is a necessary feature for customizing Windows 10, and if you want to customize it, it is natural to choose Pro.

2. Benefits of using Windows 10 Pro

One of the benefits of using Windows 10 Pro for business is that there are many useful functions for business use. Furthermore, the fact that there is a large amount of memory is another condition that cannot be excluded from the business. In addition to these requirements, we will elaborate on the benefits of using Windows 10 Pro for business, including security issues.

2-1. Business features are substantial

Among the business features of Windows 10 Pro, we would like to focus on the Hyper-V function that enables the virtualization of multiple PCs, domain join function that makes it easy to manage in-house PCs, and remote desktop that can be remotely controlled Function. In this paragraph, we will discuss these features.

2-1-1.Multiple PCs can be virtualized with Hyper-V function

Hyper-V function is the ability to virtualize multiple PCs. Virtualization refers to a mechanism where information can be divided as if there were multiple computers, even though there is actually only one computer. The mechanism to split the information is that you can run multiple different operating systems such as Windows 7 and macOS on Windows 10.

To run different OSs, you usually need a separate computer with each OS installed. However, if you use the Hyper-V function, you can run virtually different OS on one personal computer.

Now, let’s explain why it is convenient to operate multiple operating systems on one PC. For example, if you want to run software that only supports Windows 7, you can run it on a single computer without having to prepare a computer with Windows 7 installed. If the partner uses an older OS, such as a business partner, the data may be dropped and saved when passing the data, but it is also possible to test whether it can actually be opened on your own computer, Work in will be more efficient.

2-1-2. In-house PC management with domain joins function

The advantage of unifying the domain is that the management of computers in the company can be centralized. The domain join function of Windows 10 Pro is a network system that can centrally manage the privileges of each user. By joining a domain, a common account and security system can be used. It is a good idea to use the domain join function not only for the company but also for the members who are participating in the project. It prevents external people who are not affiliated with the company or organization from accessing the system and can be expected to enhance security.

2-1-3. Remote operation is possible with the remote desktop function

The remote desktop function is a function that allows you to remotely control a desktop PC from a remote location, such as when you are away from home. With smartphones and tablets, it is becoming increasingly possible to perform simple tasks and check the data required for work. However, if you need to operate a function or software that can only be done with a desktop computer, you will not be able to work until you return to your office desk. Even if you can’t return immediately, if you have a connection environment such as a VPN, you can use the remote desktop function to operate your desktop PC from anywhere.

However, there is a problem in preparing a connection environment such as a VPN. There are a lot of people who actually want to use it because VPN is a bottleneck and it is difficult to realize. The main cause of VPN is that by setting up a virtual dedicated line on the Internet, you feel that the hurdle is high. However, even if you do not set up a VPN, there are tools available for remote desktop connection, so let’s use it.

2-2. large memory capacity

It can be said that Windows 10 Pro has the largest memory capacity. In the case of the 64-bit version, the maximum memory of the Home edition is 128 GB, while Windows 10 Pro is as large as 2 TB. The tasks that require memory include image and video editing. For example, for Adobe Photoshop, 8GB or more of memory is recommended for older versions of CS. Since becoming CC, Photoshop’s storage capacity for professionals has been recommended to be 100GB or more, and that much memory is required. It depends on what kind of work you actually do and what kind of software you use, but memory is indispensable to work comfortably. If the memory capacity is small, it will affect the Internet communication, and the work efficiency will be reduced accordingly. In other words, when using a personal computer for business, it can be said that having a large memory capacity is an undeniable condition.

2-3.Equipped with security measures

It’s no wonder that third parties can break into the network and alter or steal the data, no matter where or when it happens. As long as your PC is connected to the Internet, it can happen to anyone. However, information leaks can also occur if you do not go through the network. For example, the PC itself may be stolen or lost. Windows 10 Pro is equipped with an encryption function called the Bit Locker function, which enables a high level of security in the unlikely event that a computer is stolen or lost. The Bit-Locker function is strict because there are a number of authentication methods to unlock it, such as a smart card, TPM security chip, external key using USB, and a recovery key, in addition to entering a password. The Bit-Locker function is a built-in encryption function of Windows Vista, and information cannot be extracted unless it is released.

3. Disadvantages of using Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro has its disadvantages. The disadvantage is that the price is high first. Other complicating features may also be disadvantages. In this paragraph, we will discuss the disadvantages of Windows 10 Pro.

3-1. Price is high

The disadvantage of Windows 10 Pro is that it has more features than Home, and its pricing is slightly higher. In the case of Home, it is often sold at around 17,000 yen, whereas Windows 10 Pro is cheap and ranges from around 20,000 yen to around 25,000 yen. The price of Windows 10 Pro is 5,000-8000 yen higher than Home. Variations in prices are attributable to different retailers, and if you can find a store with a lower selling price, you can reduce your purchase costs.

However, if you keep business and professional features and high security in mind, you may be able to think that the difference between 5000 and 8000 yen is cheap. It’s a high purchase for those who want to get a budget that is as cheap as possible, but depending on how many features you use, the price difference between Home and Home may be high or low.

3-2. Function is complicated

The next disadvantage of Windows 10 Pro after the price is the complexity of features. It’s weird that useful features are the drawbacks of Windows 10 Pro, but it’s strange, but because of the complexity of the features, some people can’t figure out how to use them. Windows 10 Pro has more than 10 features compared to Home and depending on the user, it may be difficult to remember and difficult. Depending on how you use it, Home may be enough, so you may not need to buy Windows 10 Pro for business use. When considering a business purchase, it’s a good idea to decide what you want to use, and whether you have Windows 10 Pro or Home-based on how much functionality you need.

4. How to buy Windows 10 Pro

There are two ways to buy Windows 10 Pro. Download on Microsoft official website

And a method of purchasing at a mail order or a consumer electronics store. In this paragraph, we will explain each purchase method.

4-1. Microsoft official download

To purchase Windows 10 Pro from Microsoft’s official website, download directly from the dedicated page. In the past, USB was available for purchase, but as of March 22, 2019, both Japanese and English versions of USB are out of stock. Therefore, purchase from the official site is only downloading. The price is 27,864 yen including tax, and it may seem disadvantageous that it is a little high. To download Windows 10 Pro, you need a processor with a speed of 1 GHz or faster and 20 GB of free hard disk space. Of course, it is one of the requirements to be able to connect to the Internet environment where you can download comfortably.

Purchasing from Microsoft’s official website is expensive, but has the advantage of receiving technical and download support. For those who are reluctant to purchase an OS or use it for the first time, getting support will give you a sense of security. If you have any questions about your purchase, you may want to contact support first instead of deciding immediately.

4-2.Purchase on mail order site

You can purchase Windows 10 Pro from mail-order sites and home electronics retail stores other than the official Microsoft site. The price range varies depending on the sales site and retailer, ranging from the high 10,000s to the mid-20,000s. In the case of mail order, there are two ways of purchase, download purchase, and package version, but it may be better to be a little careful when choosing a store. Despite the download, there may actually be troubles such as Home being installed. In the case of mail order, it is a good idea to compare prices first and then decide based on user reviews.

Package editions are the mainstream for purchase at consumer electronics retailers. A packaged version is a product that can be installed from a conventional CD or DVD and includes a booklet such as a manual. If you have been using Windows for some time and are concerned about downloading, purchasing a packaged version is a good option. However, please note that the package version assumes that the computer has a dedicated drive. If your computer does not have the drive to read CDs or DVDs, you need to purchase a download version or an external drive.

5. Understand the features of Pro and use it in business situations

Windows 10 Pro has a wealth of professional and business features. Even the Home edition has enough necessary functions, but Windows 10 Pro is suitable for tasks such as processing images with large capacity smoothly and wanting to use a common account with multiple people. Actually, it is important to decide how much functionality you need, but you may think at the price and regret it after purchasing it. If you use it for business, it is safer to focus on security and memory capacity. Consider running Windows 10 Pro to keep your business running smoothly and your information safe.

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