The famous Hollywood actress became an assistant to the president’s wife, Aisha Buhari.

The famous Hollywood actress became an assistant to the president’s wife, Aisha Buhari.

Yollywood actress, Funke Adesiyan has become the assistant of Nigerian filmmaker Aisha Buhari on domestic and social issues.

The late Muhammad Buhari has confirmed his appointment as one of the new donors at the charity Wife.

Last night Aisha returned to Abuja after being away for about three months.

Two days later some of them issued a false report that Buhari’s wish to marry another woman in Aisha returned to Nigeria.

Who is the Funke Man?

December 14, is the date of the birth of Funke Adesiyan, a native of Ibadan, Scotland.

He first studied theater at the University of Obanbisi Onabanjo, and at the same time understood the Diploma in legal education of the same book.

He is one of the most influential Yoruba artists in Universal Art, and is one of the cast members of Eleduwa for an award-winning performance among artists.

In his small hands he stole, even at the age of 19 when he built his first house.

One report says that he was seventeen years old when he worked in a million naira.

The beginning of life Funke Man

Adke Adesiyan started with a part-time job at the age of thirteen, and began earning money for himself, at the age of fourteen.

He started doing politics at the age of 25, and then campaigned for a candidate for the rank of mayor, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau.

The 2011 general election in Nigeria in Shekarau has contested a state of drought, and has been the governorship of Kano state.

As Funke Adeshi entered the political party

After Funk began his career in politics, he voiced his intention to represent the Southeast region of Ibadan as the state legislature in the 2015 election.

He emerged victorious in the local elections but was cast in the actual poll in which he lost most of his money and property.

But, Funk surprised many people when he invited them to thank his lovers.

On the matter between him and Saheed Balogun

Actually, actor Saheed Balogun has always been his lover, he says he loves Saheed because he sees him as a villain.

He adds that Saheed’s efforts to help those who have a problem or another are among the things that make him love him.

However, each person goes his own way after seeing a different behavior in Saheed’s behavior.

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