Leicester City: Claudio Ranieri, glory then fall in 10 dates

Leicester City: Claudio Ranieri, glory then fall in 10 dates

In a year and a half on the bench in Leicester, Claudio Ranieri knew everything.

In a year and a half on the bench in Leicester, Claudio Ranieri knew everything. The crowning achievement, first, by winning an unexpected title of champion of England at the head of a team supposed to fight for the maintenance. Then the dark hours of a decline that led to the fall of the Mister.

July 13, 2015

Ranieri is officially appointed coach of Leicester City. The previous season, Leicester City, promoted from Championship, finished 14th with many difficulties. The club was the red lantern of the Premier League until the 31st day, before fleeing in extremis, at the cost of a series of 7 victories over the last 9 league games. The objective set by the president to Ranieri upon his arrival is clear: maintenance.

December 5, 2015

Leicester City takes the lead in the English league, thanks in particular to the record of their striker Jamie Vardy, who has scored 13 goals in 11 consecutive games. He erases Ruud Van Nistelrooy tablets.

December 14, 2015

Leicester defeated Chelsea 2-1, with goals from Jamie Vardy and Ryad Mahrez. The Foxes regain the Premier League leader’s chair and plunge José Mourinho’s Chelsea into 16th place. The Special One was sacked three days later by the Blues.

February 6, 2016

Four days after beating Liverpool, Leicester subdued Manchester City, a serious contender, at the Etihad Stadium, with a 3-1 victory. Two goals are scored by central defender Robert Huth, the third is a masterpiece by Ryad Mahrez. Leicester are five points ahead of Tottenham and Arsenal. “It’s crazy. This championship is crazy, “said Ranieri, who begins to believe in the title after the game.

May 1, 2016

On matchday 36 of the Premier League, Leicester snapped a 10 to 11 draw on Old Trafford’s lawn (1-1). This result, combined with Tottenham’s draw the next day against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge (2-2), gives the title to the Leicester players, all gathered at Jamie Vardy’s home in front of television. Ranieri misses the Tottenham match and the festivities that follow: he is on a plane that brings him back from Italy, where he went to lunch with his 96-year-old mother.

May 7, 2016

Last Premier League team in terms of percentage of successful passes, 18th in the classification of possession, but defeated only three times in the season, the team shaped by Claudio Ranieri receives its title of champion of England after a last victory at King Power Stadium against Everton (3-1). The Italian Mister lifts the trophy with his captain, Wes Morgan.

September 24, 2016

The Leicester club concedes a 4-1 defeat to Manchester United on match day 6 of the Premier League. His third setback of the season, as much as over the entire previous year. Ranieri repeats it: “The objective is 40 points.”

December 10, 2016

Leicester City manages to rekindle the flame of the 2015/16 season for a 4-2 victory in front of Manchester City by Pep Guardiola. Jamie Vardy, 5 league goals this season, scored a hat-trick that night. The Foxes, barely in the league (14th), qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League after finishing 1st in group G.

February 22, 2017

17th in the Premier League, where it remains on 5 consecutive defeats without the slightest goal scored, Claudio Ranieri’s team loses its first knockout round of C1 against Sevilla FC (2-1). The former Monaco coach said: “We are still able to qualify, we have made some nice matches recently, even if this season is weird for us.”

February 23, 2017 The leaders of Leicester City, who had renewed two weeks earlier their “unfailing support” for the Mister, decide to dismiss him. “This is the most difficult decision we have had to make in almost seven years, but we have a duty to put the long-term interests of the club above all personal feelings, no matter how important,” say -they. Ranieri leaves Leicester with 36 wins, 21 draws and 24 losses.

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