10 Legendary Musicians in the World.

10 Legendary Musicians in the World.

In each generation, the music world always gives birth to new stars who are talented and may have brilliant careers. Countless of them. But behind the success of these brilliant new musicians, there are figures who influence them. Those who make a big impact in the music world are usually legends – the pioneers and pioneers of the development of music in their respective times. And 10 of them are in the following list.

1. John Lennon

John Lennon is known as the Beatle’s frontman. This band made its name skyrocketed in the entertainment world in the 1960s. Together with his partner at The Beatles, Paul McCartney, John Lennon developed a partnership as the most successful and successful songwriter couple to date. The two complement each other. After the Beatles broke up in 1970, John Lennon began pioneering solo careers. And as before, he was also successful when a career alone. “Imagine” is one of his famous hits and is now better known as one of the songs of world peace. This British man has been married twice. First, he married Cynthia Powell and after that married a Japanese-born artist, Yoko Ono. John Lennon died in New York in 1980 after being shot by Mark Chapman, his crazy fan.

2. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was a pioneer of Rock music in the World so he was nicknamed ‘King of Rock N’ Roll ‘. In its heyday, the concerts were always attended by a very large audience and fans. His style, nature, and manner of dress became a symbol for rock ‘n’ roll music and many fans imitated him. Elvis died at his home in Graceland, Memphis, due to a heart attack on August 16, 1977.

3. Elton John

Elton John is a British singer. His famous song – “Candle in the Wind” – was popular in the mid-1970s. Originally, the song was dedicated to Marilyn Monroe. However, Elton John changed the song to “Candle in the Wind 1997” to be presented to Princess Diana who died on August 31, 1997. This song was sung at the ceremony to release Princess Diana’s corpse at Westminster Abbey on September 6, 1997.

4. Bob Marley

Bob Marley can be said to be the best-known reggae musician in the world. The man born in Jamaica is recognized for his role in popularizing and spreading reggae music throughout the world. Bob Marley died in 1981 from cancer he suffered during the last four years of his life. He leaves a wife and 13 children.

5. Stevie Wonder

The singer from the United States has won 21 Grammy Awards and an Oscar for the Best Song. Born prematurely in Michigan, the singer has been blind since childhood – which is likely to occur due to getting too much oxygen while in the incubator. Her mother, Lula Mae Hardaway, teaches her other children to treat Stevie like other people, not to mock her and help her too much. Stevie began learning to sing and play musical instruments at church from an early age, especially piano, conga, and harmonica.

6. Michael Jackson

Its existence is indisputable. Who does not know Michael Jackson, nicknamed ‘King of Pop’? He also popularized the choreographic movement “Moonwalk” which became his trademark. Thriller, his album released in 1982, is the world’s best-selling album with sales exceeding 104 million copies. The man known by the name of Jacko began singing at the age of five as a member of the Jackson brothers’ vocal group (later to become Jackson 5). His professional debut as a professional musician began when he was 11 years old as a member of Jackson 5. Throughout his career, Jacko has won 13 Grammy Awards and 13 singles number one. On Thursday, June 25, 2009, he died at his home in Los Angeles. Michael Jackson was unconscious after experiencing heart failure. His famous songs until now are “Thriller”, “Billie Jean”, “Beat It”, “Black or White”, “You Are Not Alone”, “Heal The World”, and others.

7. Chuck Berry

In the world of rock and roll music, Chuck Berry is one of the most influential musicians and can be called a pioneer. The impact was so great, in 2004, Rolling Stone magazine placed Chuck Berry at number 5 on the list of the Greatest Artists of All Time. Chuck Berry was among the list of early musicians who were included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum when the place was inaugurated in 1986. Chuck Berry is also recognized as one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

8. Paul McCartney

Besides John Lennon, John Paul McCartney is the star of the British band The Beatles. Together with his partner at The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney developed a partnership as the most successful and successful songwriter couple to date. The two complement each other. After the Beatles broke up, Paul McCartney and his wife Linda Mccartney formed the Wings music group that was quite successful in the 1970s. This man is also known as an activist of animal rights advocacy activities and vegetarianism.

9. Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana is a Mexican-born musician who later moved to the United States. Blues music has been known since he was still living in Mexico. Early in his career in the 1960s, he had formed the Santana Blues Band. The influence of Mike Bloomfield, Eric Clapton, and Peter Green that he felt was too big to be passed made Santana look for another direction. This search led to an understanding if playing music is a kind of way of life. He gets along and cooperates with many musicians from various genres – things that show if Santana is a musician with an open mind.

10. Jimi Hendrix

Jimmy Hendrix’s career was very brief. He died on September 18, 1970, in London. At that time, he was only 27 years old. This musician is often referred to as one of the most influential electric guitar players in the history of rock music. Musician born in Seattle, United States is a former member of the band ‘Jimmy Hendrix Experience’. The music world unceasingly gives birth to talented new stars and has brilliant careers, from bands like Coldplay to soloists like Taylor Swift. But their success is now directly or indirectly influenced by legendary musicians who became icons in their time.

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