10 ideas of little loving care for your boyfriend from a distance

10 ideas of little loving care for your boyfriend from a distance

A long distance relationship is not necessarily easy to manage, the proverb says “far from the eyes, far from the heart”. It is not a very optimistic view of love at a distance, synonymous with absence. Obviously there are a lot of questions in a long distance relationship. Living a fulfilling and happy relationship at a distance is possible. You just have to be there for the other through small loving touches that will make your relationship strong and lasting. Here are 10 ideas of little loving attentions for your boyfriend from a distance.

1. Read the same book

Buy the same book that you will both like. Give yourself a date to start it and follow each other’s progress in history. You will have fun spoiling the story if one is ahead of the other and you can exchange your favorite passages, those that will have made you laugh, cry or even jump if it is a novel suspenseful.

2. Pay him a surprise visit

You should only see yourself in a few days, but the time seems too long. Ask for one or two days off and surprise him to ring the doorbell at night. He will be far from expecting your visit and will be the happiest of men! The spontaneity of your anticipated reunion is yours. Moments of happiness for two and new memories in perspective.

3. Watch a movie at the same time

 Schedule your evening and the movie you want to watch. Since you cannot be seated side by side on the sofa, put yourself in video and watch the film together through screens. You will be able to comment on the moments of the film together and you will feel like you are both really watching it.

4. Write sweet little words to him to open every day

During his last visit, hide in his suitcase a box with several envelopes dated for each day that you will spend one without the other before your next reunion. Write him a note for each envelope. He will be able to open an envelope every day and discover a little word of love from you, he will have the impression that you are still with him.

5. Cook together from a distance

Agree on the recipe and call you in video. Cook at the same time, try to throw yourself some challenges of speed or cooking techniques and why not give a pledge to the one who finishes last. Do it together the next time you meet. Then taste your dish and during your next reunion redo this recipe together.

6. Create daily habits

Routine and everyday life can sometimes be difficult in a normal relationship, but in a long distance relationship it is essential. This is indeed what makes it possible not to lose the thread of your relationship and to have the impression that even from a distance you share the daily life of the other. Send yourself a short message when you get up in the morning, at noon during your work break and / or in the evening before falling asleep.

7. Send yourself photos

We have all the technology necessary today to send photos, videos, montages… So, for example, send him a photo of you every morning so that he knows how you are dressed, a photo of places you go during the day, something funny, what you have eaten, or in the evening before sleeping a little more sensual photo so that he can have sweet dreams.

8. Call yourself regularly

As with messages, set up regular calls. It is more than necessary that you call each other often to hear the sound of his voice and tell you about your respective days, what you are going through. It is in these calls that you will be able to maintain a daily life between you since you cannot find yourself every night. Stay close by loving care for your boyfriend from a distance.

9. Do the same activities

Synchronize for certain activities and you will have the impression of doing them together: run at the same time, do your shopping at the same time, do the cleaning…

10. Make plans together  Plan your next weekends or your future vacation for two. Ask him his opinion on such or such place on the hotel or the short accommodation decide your future vacation together, even while being far from each other.

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